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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Teachers love getting tidbits, tips and helpful hints from each other! The teaching community is unique in that teachers share, inspire and learn from one another. With all the demands that are placed on teachers today, getting tips on how to save time, save sanity and keep the fun in learning is HUGE! In Teaching Tips, four presenters will be sharing ideas, strategies, materials and more to help teachers find the exact recipe they need to make the classroom work for them and their students.

Learn how to FLIP your classroom in to the exact one you want! Maximize your effectiveness, minimize distractions, get organized and find out how to meet student needs without losing the fun in the process. You're sure not to want to miss out on getting any of these teaching tips!

Tamara Chilver

Buckets of Fun: Creative Teaching Tips to Splash Excitement into Your School Day
Tamara Chilver from Teaching With TLC

This presentation begins and ends with FUN! In this unique presentation, Tamara Chilver, author of Teaching with TLC, will give you tips on how to incorporate fun and creativity into the learning environment, regardless of your method of instruction and curriculum. Simple and inspiring ideas will help you engage children in the learning process and show you how to make even the most difficult subjects easy to teach! Regardless if you have been teaching for a month or several years, you will leave Teaching Tips feeling revived and refreshed.

Charity Preston

Organizing for Effectiveness
Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog

Charity, creator of The Organized Classroom Blog, will walk you through organizing three critical components of your classroom: papers, supplies, and fixtures. She will provide strategies and ideas for both teacher and student needs giving you a jam-packed session. You're sure to get what you need to manage file organization, effective lesson planning, easy bulletin board strategies, student desk organization and student supplies. Creating a more organized and efficient classroom is within your reach!

Jennifer Tice

Surviving Response to Intervention (RTI)
Jennifer Tice from Rowdy In First Grade

Response to Intervention is a huge area of concern for many teachers. How do you meet the needs of every child in your classroom and show that you've done the correct number or interventions? How do keep from neglecting your other students? What if you have a large number of students needing interventions? Find out how Jennifer Tice, from Rowdy in First Grade, has learned to overcome these challenges and grab her solutions to make them work for you!

Monica Schroeder

Beyond Flipping Cards... Creating a Classroom of Independent Learners
Monica Schroeder from The Schroeder Page

Is creating a classroom with a behavior management framework that promotes independent learning possible? The answer is YES! Monica Schroeder, from The Schroeder Page, will give you the tools to set up your classroom with a structure that allows all children to take part in running the classroom. With "learning like a champion" and "teaching courage," your students will be participating and on track from day one!