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Everything's Primary

Everything's Primary

Primary teachers - grab your tickets now! These four teachers have amazing presentations in store for you. Get the creative ideas, effective strategies and experienced-learned lessons that work best with your primary students.

Kimberly Gillow

Systematic Approach to Helping Struggling Readers
Kimberly Gillow from Funky First Grade Fun

Can there be a systematic way to help struggling readers in the primary grades? With a resounding, "YES!" Kimberly will cover how to assess struggling readers, plan for instruction and provide intervention. With promises to being full of funky, fun ideas for reading intervention that are consistent enough to provide repetition that struggling readers need to succeed - you're sure to enjoy learning this approach that you can use right away!

Dana Richliewr

Getting Prepared and Organized for Guided Math
Dana Richliew from 3rd Grade Gridiron

Two, Four, Six, Eight... Guided math can be great! Meeting student needs in small groups can be done successfully in math in the primary grades. Join with Dana as she leads you through how to create and find resources for mini-lessons and centers. She'll share her tips on how to group students and ideas for setting up your classroom for small group instruction. Learn how to store and organize materials. It's all covered here, so be sure to tune in!

Mor Zrihen

Foldable Factory
Mor Zrihen from A Teachers Treasure

You're sure to enjoy this hands-on presentation that focuses on the use of foldables in the classroom. What are foldables? Foldables are 3D Graphic Organizers that will help you differentiate instruction in your classroom and offer your students a hands-on opportunity to participate in lessons and kinesthetically learn the concept. Learn why using foldables can transform your classroom into an enhanced learning factory! Mor will reveal the tips and tricks of folding to you!

Mel D

Classroom Management in the Primary Grades
Mel D from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Have you caught yourself asking how many days till school is out? Have you found yourself collapsing from mental exhaustion at 5 pm on a school night? Classroom management is vital with a capital V! Mel D will be the first to admit the first several years of her teaching career felt like maintaining a zoo. She has discovered what works to establish and maintain a pleasant, structured and organized learning environment for everyone! With tips and tricks that you can implement any time throughout the year, you'll have this vital piece ready to fit the needs of your active primary learners.