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Everything's Kindergarten

Everything's Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers - grab your tickets now! These four teachers have amazing presentations in store for you. Get the creative ideas, effective strategies and experienced-learned lessons that work best with your kindergarteners.

Fran Kramer

Standards Based Fun In a Room of 31
Fran Kramer from Kindergarten Crayons

How do we teach in a systematic, effective way when our time is limited but our numbers continue to increase? Keeping little learners engaged and meeting the standards of our district and state is a real challenge in public schools. With many teachers facing no para professionals or partners to lend a helping hand it begs the question, "Now what?" Join with Fran as she helps us find effective and fast paced activities that can be done in whole group, cooperative groups or elbow partners.

Hadar Maor

The 3 R's; Rules, Routines and Reinforcements
Hadar Maor from Miss Kindergarten

Learn how to keep your kindergarten class running smoothly! From rules to rewards, reinforcements, routines and transitions, you will feel well-equipped to herd those 5-year olds! Tips and tricks on how to manage your class's arrival, challenging behaviors and daily procedures will be shared. Learn fun songs and chants that everyone will love!

Crystal Radke

Plain Paper to Publishing! Keys to a Successful Writer's Workshop
Crystal Radke from Kreative in Kinder

Creating a class full of young authors is easier than you think. Help your students go from blank pages to three part stories through Writer's Workshop & Interactive Writing. Learn easy and fun steps to incorporate writing in all areas of learning, starting simple and ending in success!

Krissy Miner

Lovin' Literacy Center Time
Krissy Miner from Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business

Literacy centers can be an engaging and productive time of the day for both your students and you! Learn how to implement a system that is easy to plan for and organize, allows for differentiation, is effective and engaging for students, and builds independent learners. Such a system allows you to work with small groups. Make literacy centers a favorite time of the day for both teacher and students by joining Krissy as she walks through organizing, setting up, and implementing a literacy center routine in your classroom that you can start tomorrow!