Everything's Primary Event - Goodie Bag Items

Those attendees who attend the Everything's Primary event on Feb. 25th through Feb. 26th will have access to the following digital items.

After Feb. 26th, the items will NOT be available for download.

The items made available in the Goodie Bag are generously donated by these authors. The items are available to attendees for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be copied, reproduced or shared.
Coins, Doubloons, and Money Too
from Cooperative Learning 365
A $5.00 value

This money unit includes: 1. Directions for Fist Full of Dimes Game 2. Layered foldable template with directions on how to copy and assemble 3. Printable coins and dollars 4. 12 activity pages that can be used individually, cooperatively, or in centers 5. I have...Who has... Coin Combination card set (24 cards) 6. Money card set (25 cards)
Dru's Daily 5
from Ms. M
A $8.00 value

A 2 page Language Arts template that is meant to sit side by side. This template starts with a column for your daily notes. The days are color coded for easy distinction. You have a comprehension, reading, word work, writing column. In between these sections you have your student independent work. You will also receive a 3rd page that you can use as a Daily 5 Check In sheet.
Beach Theme Center Pack
from Sunny Days
A $6.00 value

Six complete math and literacy centers with an eye catching and engaging beach theme. Activities include: Math Centers -Sums greater or less than 50 -Probability -Beach Bump game Literacy Centers -Antonym & Synonym sort -Contraction match -Hard & Soft g/c sort.
Cherry Blossom Friends Cross Curricular Unit
from Primary Graffiti
A $5.00 value

This marvelous 68 page cross-curricular unit aligns with Corkey Hay DeSimone's Cherry Blossom Friends and perfect for spring. This book is written to captivate primary and intermediate readers. Primary students can learn about the animals that thrive in the Cherry Blossom trees through riddles, rhyming, and repetition.
Fraction Frenzy
from 3rd Grade Gridiron
A $7.00 value

This 30 page pack is full of "fraction action" for your students! They will have opportunities to practice and master fraction-related skills. There are eight different centers as well as an answer key for you!
Reading Hats for Comprehension
from MsJordanReads
A $5.50 value

What hat do YOU wear when you're reading?? Readers wear many hats and have many roles when they are reading. Readers Are: Chefs, Detectives, Reporters, Problem Solvers, Investigators, Leaders. This unit helps students explore the different roles and purposes of reading, and teachers can use ""Reading Hats' to teach students how to change their thinking to match different text structures.
Phonics Pattern Cards
from Swimming into Second
A $6.00 value

The phonics pattern cards can be used to teach a variety of phonics patterns. In this pack, there are 86 different cards. These can be placed on a bulletin board or near an alphabet strip to reinforce the phonics patterns when students are writing. Each card features the phonics pattern and a coordinating picture.
Snowman Interactive Easy Reader
from Amanda Myers
A $6.00 value

A set of three easy reader books for your snowman or winter theme. The first one is a regular book with easy, repeatitive text; the second book has interactive pieces and the other book has fill in the blank sentences. The books come packaged together and ready for you to print out, laminate and bind together. Also contains 8 color flash cards.
Thinking about Winter: Primary Thinking Maps and Writing Frames
from Primary Thinking Maps
A $5.00 value

Get your mittens on these very cool thinking maps and writing frames! This 37-page unit includes a blizzard of thinking maps related to snowmen, winter clothes and the new year. Many of the maps include follow-up writing frames.Your little ones will practice classifying, defining, comparing, contrasting, categorizing, sequencing and more.
Candy Land Games
from Mel D from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations
A $15.00 value

These games can used in a Work Work station in Daily 5 or as a literacy station. This can be used for your at risk, on-level, or advanced students depending on your grade level. 50+ Candy Land games: Dolch pre-primer, primer, first, second & third grade sight words,contractions, compounds, blends,digraphs, diphthongs, nonsense, Fry's first 100, 200 & 300 words, addition & subtraction games + many more!
Story Pack
from A Teacher's Treasure
A $5.00 value

This story pack contains 30 pages and includes a story summarizer spinner & 50 story starter cards along with two writing forms for students to record their stories on.