Everything's Intermediate Event - Goodie Bag Items

Those attendees who attend the Everything's Intermediate event on April 21st through April 23rd will have access to the following digital items.

After April 23rd, the items will NOT be available for download.

The items made available in the Goodie Bag are generously donated by these authors. The items are available to attendees for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be copied, reproduced or shared.
Persuasive Unit for Grade 4-8
Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher- Miss Klohn
A $6.50 value

This is a unit that was created to use while teaching a persuasive unit within a Language Arts classroom. Within this unit are several different activities which include a foldable with the unit vocabulary, a Support and Defend game, example writing anchors, a rubric for grading persuasive essays, a persuasive writing outline and brainstorming page, as well as a list of mentor texts to use within the unit. This is the perfect way to introduce persuasion to your students.
Fabulous Finds From Farley
from Oh' Boy 4th Grade
A $11.00 value

In this bundle you will find... A Multiply Fast Pack, 4 Square Problem Solving Pack, 1,2,3,4 I Declare Multiplication War Game, a Tree Ring Poster, and 12 other various classroom posters (some funny, some serious, all fabulous).
Greek and Latin Root Word Memory
from Teaching in Room 6
A $3.00 value

This is a standards-based memory-style game in which the students practice Greek and Latin root words and their meanings. There are 72 of the most common roots included in this game, with two difficulty levels. The first level has matching icons on each card for self-monitoring. The second level has the students play without the icons, increasing the difficulty. (Bonus: Calendar Math Templates 25 pages)
Polygon Explorations (Smartboard Version)
from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources
A $6.95 value

Hands-on math lessons are great, but they're even more effective when they're lively and fun, too. The activities in Polygon Explorations are designed around a set of 30 Poly Shapes, and all of the activities require active engagement and math talk. From introductory activities to review games, these lessons will keep your class focused and highly involved.
Comprehension Cootie Catchers and Fraction Cootie Catchers
from Runde's Room
A $6.00 value

Your students already love them, so why not use cootie catchers for a fun and engaging learning opportunity in the classroom. This bundle contains my best-selling comprehension cootie catchers (with questions and prompts for the reading comprehension strategies), as well as set of fraction cootie catchers to help students review this difficult concept.
Reading Logs - Fiction & Non Fiction
from Raki Rad Resources
A $6.00 value

These SIX weekly reading logs use a variety of formats, including one that uses the Someone Wanted But So summary format and one that uses the Five W's format. Three of the reading logs are designed for fiction reading and three of the reading logs are designed for non fiction reading. Students use these reading logs to record their nightly reading homework and prove their comprehension to you and their parents
Genre Cards
from A Teacher's Treasure - Mor Zrihen
A $5.00 value

This is a set of genre & sub genre cards with their definition. Cards are color coded by genre.
Fractions as Part of the Whole
from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes
A $2.00 value

Includes two activities to explore fractional parts and wholes. Students will need patterns blocks and Cuisenaire rods to complete the activities--can be whole group, small group or independent work.
Decimal Sort
from Joy in Sixth
A $4.00 value

Quick and easy games to help students practice comparing decimals! With comparing decimals, working in pairs, doing a "human" sort or playing concentration style, your students will have fun while learning!