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  • "Blogging has allowed me to connect with and form friendships with other professionals from around the world. I have a new excitement about teaching! It's like a 24-hour professional development conference in my living room - and I don't even have to change out of my sweats!"
    Charity Preston
    The Organized Classroom

Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Teaching blogs are quickly transforming the way educators teach! From them, a new community has emerged that is filled with creative teaching tips, printables, photographs, and video clips. Bursting with creative teaching tips, there are many ways to be involved like linky parties, giveaways, and exchanging blog buttons. Join in now - the teaching blog community grows daily and will continue to be an avenue for teachers around the world to connect and learn from one another.

Explore the amazing world of Teaching Blogs. Learn from the experts on how you can get started with your very own blog.

Miss Kindergarten

Blogging Basics
Hadar Maor from Miss Kindergarten

Hadar, affectionately known in the world of teaching blogs as "Miss Kindergarten," will help you learn the basics of building a blog with her fun and outgoing personality. She will also address the most common questions new bloggers have... a "must attend" event for all newbie bloggers!

In The Teacher's Lounge

Adding Videos to your Blog
Cindy from In The Teacher's Lounge

Cindy, creator of The Teacher's Lounge, is the go-to girl for refreshing tips and advice. She will be teaching how to create and add videos to your blog to add that pizzazz that makes your blog audience return again and again! Take your blog to the next level with the great tips she will be revealing!

The Organized Classroom

Build Your Blog Faster with Buddies
Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom and Teaching Blog Traffic School

Charity Preston has a gift of making friends and growing networks. You can imagine with having 4 million pageviews on her blog Facebook page in one month and gaining over 1,000 newsletter subscribers in just one week, it's no wonder why her blog is ranked #1 with Google for keywords in education. With results like these, you'll want to be sure to catch Charity's tips on how to build a blog following faster by making friends!

The Moffatt Girls

A Balanced Blogger
Annie Moffatt from The Moffatt Girls

How does Annie Moffatt, a busy mother of two, a pastor's wife, the author of a popular blog, and the owner of a top-selling store for teacher-created products keep the balance in her life without letting stress overtake her? She will be sharing her wisdom on how to maintain balance. Blogging can be your hobby without taking over your life!

The Lesson Plan Diva

Creating Marketable Products
Jenaya from The Lesson Plan Diva

Just a quick look at Jenaya's teaching products, makes anyone see why she is the "Lesson Plan Diva." Jenaya has a gift of making teaching products that are fun, effective for reinforcing skills, and very popular among educators worldwide. Learn directly from the diva herself on how to create and share documents with the teaching world.


Getting Paid for your Passion
Erin Klein from Kleinspiration

Entering the world of blogging can be exciting yet slightly intimidating. Erin Klein, a teacher with an edge on technology and the author of an award-winning blog, will show you how blogging can help earn you a side income using avenues that fit your teaching style. Put your fears aside and be ready to get the tips that fit your needs, so that you too can get paid for your passion!

Teaching Happily Ever After

Blogging Parties and Prizes
Ashley Cross from Teaching Happily Ever After

How does one make teaching last happily ever after? Ashley, a creative teacher with a technology twist, will show you how blogging parties and prizes can be both fun and functional for your teaching blog. Don't miss out on the party - be sure to grab the best tips and tools for making your blog the place to be!